Today, we lost one of the greats.  Eric the Actor has passed away at the age of 39.  

Eric was the perfect caller on the Howard Stern show.  He took himself so seriously amongst such ridiculousness it allowed Howard, Robin, Fred, and my favorite Eric nemesis Artie Lange to poke fun at him endlessly and repeatedly.  I have sat and listened to clips of Eric the Midget for hours at a time, rapt, laughing my ass off.  

People clueless to how Howard Stern works might feel or assume that calling Eric a “midget” and countless other insults was cruel, but he gave Eric a home and, most importantly, got him laid.

Wheel chair bound, 3’5” tall, you still loved to hate Eric, the eternally ungrateful nincompoop.  A truly great comedic foil.  The video I am including with this tribute might not be the definitive Eric the Actor clip, but it’s a great intro to the dynamics of the Stern team circa 2008, and features one of my other favorite bits of Howard and Artie worked into their berating of Eric.

He will be missed!

The holy grail for a music fan, I think, is to hear music from another planet, which has not been influenced by us whatsoever. Or, even better, from lots of different planets. And the closest we got to that was before the Internet, when people didn’t know of each other’s existence. Now, that doesn’t really happen. — Richard D. James, via Pitchfork

New U2 record rape

Oh no!  Apple forced a free U2 record onto my iTunes.  What in the world will I do about this outrage!

I for one am not a big U2 fan, but I don’t hate them as much as so many people seem to do because… Bono is an ass?  Because he counted 1, 2, 3…14! on a track?  U2 have some unquestionably great tunes - Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Where the Streets Have No Name - and I would never be past expecting that they’ve come out with another new good tune.  Best band in the world?  Not for me, though millions of others think so.

I like this new record forced on me.  Fuck it, why not.  I’m a lover of music!  I love music!  You’re giving me music?  I don’t even have to download it?  It’s just THERE?  OK, I’m in, why not!  I’m intrigued to listen.  I don’t even know if I can delete it, but I’m sure I can - this is the 21st century, you know, I can get your nude Cloud photos, girl, I’m sure I can delete an album from my iTunes.

It will almost unquestionably be mediocre at best, but in a world that’s in constant turmoil these days, complaining about FREE MUSIC from a band with a pretty good resume is something I wouldn’t complain about it.  Either listen and enjoy, or delete it, or instead just peep some free celeb nudes and complain about Roger Goodell.  The choice is yours.

Live, love, life…CATORCE!

Come see us rock out like a young Dinklage tonight. #chicosdayoff #dunnzor 💰🔫🚬 (at Bar Matchless Brooklyn NY)

Come see us rock out like a young Dinklage tonight. #chicosdayoff #dunnzor 💰🔫🚬 (at Bar Matchless Brooklyn NY)

You Only Really Need These 10 Records

(in no order)

  1. The Beatles - The Beatles
  2. Warren Zevon - Warren Zevon
  3. Sweetheart of the Rodeo - The Byrds
  4. Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
  5. The Band - The Band
  6. Weezer (Blue Album) - Weezer
  7. Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan
  8. Cosmo’s Factory - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  9. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Pavement
  10. Sinatra at the Sands - Frank Sinatra

Everyone is Chico if they are free. #chicosdayoff

Legendary cool.


He’s singing right to me ☺️ #ChicosDayOff


He’s singing right to me ☺️ #ChicosDayOff

Derek Jeter

The problem with Derek Jeter is that no one seems to think about him rationally.  On one side you have all of the enormous love and re2pect from Yankee fans and those who worship at the Altar of Jeter.  On the other side, you have everyone else who think that he is the most overrated player ever to walk on a diamond.

Neither side has got it right.

Derek Jeter is a Hall of Fame professional baseball player, and that’s it.  In a perfect world everyone would just understand that he is a very good ballplayer who led some of the best baseball teams in baseball history to five World Series.  He has 3,000 hits, etc.  He is a human man who benefited from natural talent, hard work, and luck.

Derek Jeter is also not the BEST baseball player of all-time, even of his own playing career.  He benefited from the spotlight of playing in New York.  He happens to be good-looking and fucked the hottest women on Earth consistently for years, so that draws more attention to him.  He probably wasn’t the best fielder even though he won five Gold Gloves.  He could have stolen more bases, if you ask me.

Rationally, there is no denying that he is a great player, but there is also no denying that in the history of the game he might not deserve all of the accolades that are being showered on him right now in his retirement season.

It’s all crazy!  He’s a great baseball player.  No other player has been so loved and hated while just being great.  He has Hall of Fame numbers and there is no denying that.  So that really should be the end of the conversation, not too much the five rings and, to my mind, undeniably clutch post season performances.  

But it’s not, because so people many are extremists.  Those who love, love, love Derek Jeter are no doubt nostalgic for the glory days of the 90s Yanks and will never accept a single criticism of the man, and everyone who hates him is either bitter, doesn’t understand what makes an athlete great, has an inferiority complex about where they live, or is a Red Sox fan, the only group of people who have the right to hate Jeter irrationally.  

I am a lifelong Yankees fan.  I like Derek Jeter.  But damn it, more and more I see what all the haters are talking about, as the accolades and commercials continue to pour in.  

See, I liked Derek Jeter because he was on MY team, the New York Yankees.  I don’t expect and would never expect anyone else to like him because he wasn’t on their team.  People shouldn’t like Jeter.  It should be about respect, but respect isn’t about gifts and commercials - that’s about money and ratings.  Respect takes place on the diamond, maybe say a kind word, maybe groove one down the middle during the All-Star game, and then move on.  I don’t believe that respect has anything to do with showering a man with gifts and having Jay-Z appear in a commercial with him.  Again, those things are about money.

But in the end, I return to the fact that Derek Jeter is a Hall of Famer and if he got more attention because he was in New York, whose fault is that?  Most likely yours for paying attention and harping about it.  Life unfolds the way it unfolds, and he got lucky along the way, in addition to HANDLING THE SPOTLIGHT well when so many others couldn’t.  Not everyone could be this famous.  Tony Gwynn was the best hitter of all-time perhaps, but he did it quietly with little expectations in San Diego.  He’s great, no doubt.  But he didn’t have to handle the pressure and responsibilities of playing in the largest sports market in the world.  Derek Jeter should almost get more respect for being a businessman and cool customer than for being a great baseball player.

The only logical conclusion is that Jeter is a Hall of Famer, and if you want to call him overrated please do so because you think he should have stolen more bases, and not because people pay too much attention to him.  Numbers don’t lie and Derek Jeter had one hell of a career.  The hop jump he does from deep in the hole has nothing to do with how overrated he may be, it’s about how you feel about him as an opposing player on an opposing team.  You don’t have to like Derek Jeter, and it’s silly to be mired in nostalgia and delusional thoughts about his true statistical place in the pantheon of baseball greats, but when a man wins five championships, he is considered great, regardless of what you think about The Flip.

"HERO"?  We lost that game!

"HERO"?  We lost that game!